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Gallery 130

A non-profit that

teaches, creates,

and inspires

using art + technology 

About Us

Our Mission

Teach, Create, and Inspire using art + technology

We teach aspiring artists that have limited resources to learn create and inspire them to achieve their dreams through art and technology.

We also provide resources for artists looking to give back to the community and bring up the next generation through workshops, classes, and collaboration.

About Us

We are focused on training,

mentoring, and showcasing 

artists and producers.

Gallery 130 is a non-profit digital art and music school.

We provide resources and knowledge

to empower and inspire.

We want to see others realize their dreams, passions, and talents in the electronic arts space.


Music, visual, and other digital mediums provide a new space of infinite creativity and engagement to mesmerize

and inspire others.


Our Principals

In order to support our mission and lead students and the community with quality education and integrity, these principals are how we operate and live.


We believe art should be accessible to all, both as creators and consumers.

Finding Purpose

Students can find their creative purpose and develop a unique style through freedom of discovery.

Curiosity through Education

We strive to inspire curiosity through education and training, we don't want students to follow a cookie cutter mold.

Build Community

Build a community with other artists and creatives. Community is a cornerstone of being human and can accelerate growth.


Self-Actualize to become your own voice, vision, and artist. Begin to embody your authentic self and find true fulfillment through expression.


How We Use Your Funds

80% Program

Gallery 130 provides lessons, sessions, classes, workshops at our centrally located studio and workshop space. This is our core mission and we will continue to focus as much as we can in these areas.

10% Fundraising

These events are important to both raise funding and awareness, but also showcase our students, art, and provide a greater community. 

10% Management

Running the facilities and providing a technology heavy education focus has some overhead, along with our staff, software, tools, and equipment to run the business.

We don't currently have our reports directly on our website. If you would like any of our financial reports, please reach out via email us at


How You Can Help

Help us provide the opportunities for students, artists, and producers to actualize their visions and inspire the world. Donations help us keep our courses affordable and provide free workshops and scholarships to students. Art and music can truly save lives and even a small donation can make a difference. Help us inspire and empower the next generation and beyond.


Get Involved

We want to provide the resources and education for artists and producers who share in this vision.

Help us spread the word and reach others. Get involved by donations. With these donations, we will be able to help others.

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