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Gallery 130


Gallery 130 is for everyone. Partnering with leaders in industry and local artists, producers, and musicians and providing best in class education for everyone. Learn your skills and grow as an artist, engineer, or whatever is your passion.

Learn with Gallery 130.

Intro to Songwriting

Next workshop is 4/15/2023! Get your free tickets today!

Ever wondered how to create a song? What makes words work and how to capture listeners ears and hearts? How do you find your own unique sound? Dive into the magic of songwriting and explore the methodology in this workshop. Discover how to translate your emotions into lyrics and melody.


  • Lyrics

  • Arrangement

  • Composition

  • Finding your Sound



Artist.Dev is a partnership with Circulate Records and has been a great success so far, providing workshops on a variety of topics including Unlocking Creativity, Personal Branding, and Playlisting. Expanding knowledge outside of just production and covering the essential skills that are often neglected by musicians and artists.


for more info go to

Circulate Records


Intro to Audio Production

Want to learn how to make music but don't know where to begin? Have you started learning on your own and hit a wall, or just want to make sure you are maximizing your tools? This workshop will dive into the basics of music production, from learning Digital Audio Workstations to Virtual instruments and plugins.

Over the course of this workshop you can take a look at different styles of music and what makes them each their own style. Additionally, you'll learn all the terminology beyond what one DAW might call it, providing knowledge you can apply to any tools you may use.


  • Fundamentals, terminology, and workstation overview

  • Analysis of various genres and composition

  • Understanding of sound and its placement

  • Be able to compose a piece by the end

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