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Gallery 130


Memberships are about community. Spend time in the studio without breaking the bank.


Find empowerment, education, and opportunity

through Gallery 130. Learn and grow as a producer, artist, or musician.

Explore your creative vision with our team

and resources. Each session is a unique and targeted experience to each members personal journey and background.

Gallery 130 helps connect with the artist community and industry leaders.

Membership is more than just the studio.

A vast array of benefits are included.


Get showcased and promoted with events and online content. Learn new skills, techniques, and gain experience.

Find out what Gallery 130 can do to empower you.



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Pick a tier to learn more.





The Red tier member is for all your production needs, includes the 4 sessions of the Yellow tier along with unlimited mixes, masters, and edits. Additionally, the Red tier allows preferred calendar dates and after-hours sessions to be scheduled. Red tier members also get album art services with up to 3 edit rounds.


  • 4x 3-hour sessions

  • Post-session mixing & mastering services

  • Basic album art services

  • Preferred and after-hours calendar access

  • Member-only events, mixers

  • Member-only pricing

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