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Producer Accelerator

Whether you have some basic music production experience or are coming in completely fresh to the industry, Gallery 130 can help you get to the next level in order to confidently create your own music. This course will get you ready to self-release, submit your projects to labels, and collaborate with professionals in the music industry to help you achieve your dreams!

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Come out of this accelerator with the knowledge to take a track from zero to release, whether self-releasing or submitting to a record label. Learn the basics of music theory, track composition & arrangement, and post production along with best practices, patterns, strategies, and various workflows. Understand recording techniques and industry terminology.


  • Digital Music Production

  • Composition & Arrangement

  • DAW Workflow / Ableton Literacy

  • VST, Sample, & Loop Literacy

  • Audio Engineering / Recording

  • Digital Signal Processing / Sound Design

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Skills for Self-Release & Scaling

  • Collaboration in the Music Industry

  • Music Publication & Distribution

  • Licensing & Royalty Collection

  • Marketing & Music PR


You will need a laptop with Ableton, or sign up for the free 90-day trial period at the beginning of the course. Based on the sound that you’re going for, we will help you get some basic plugins, synths, and other components that you may need.



$1500 or $520 monthly

Class starts March 4th, 2024

Class will cover specific areas of music and production, featuring great teachers and practical hands on working experience. This will be taught for the genres students are interested in, along with knowledge that any producer or engineer should know to empower you to be creative.


Each class is 3-hours broken up into review, & recap of the previous week, multiple topics explained and presented, interactive walkthroughs and experience with the new topics, and review and assessment of learned topics, followed by time for questions.

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